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Mike BurgessMike Burgess 

Push password office 365 not syncing

Hi. I want to use Okta to synchronise our AD passwords with Office 365. To this end, I have installed the agent on to our servers and linked it to Okta. This part works as it should with all our users automatically created in Okta and any password change in AD is instantly updated in Okta (i.e. when a password is changed in AD, the user has to immediatly use this password to log in to Okta).

All our users are already tenants in Office 365, so I then imported users from Office 365 to Okta and it correctly identified these users as exact exisiting users in Okta. For testing purposes, I have only completed the assignment of Office 365 to myself. So, I now have all my AD users in Okta and one user as assigned to Office 365.

At this stage, I don't want all the federated services and auto provisioning etc., all I want is the password from AD to automatically update Office 365. So, in Applications > Sign On I have left this at the defaults (Secure Web Authentication), and put a tick in Provisioning > Sync Password (Sync Okta Password). Doing this and going back to Sign On displays the message 'These settings are disabled because Sync Password is enabled. Sync Password creates a Microsoft Office 365 password, and Okta automatically synchronizes the password to Microsoft Office 365 when a change is detected.'

However, the password is not being updated. The Office 365 password does not change no matter what I change in AD. I would be very grateful for any help in how to resolve this. I can't find any log that says that Okta has tried to update the Office 365 password and failed.
Razvan PopaRazvan Popa (Okta, Inc.)
Hi Mike,

Thank you for your question!

While most of our documentation on Office 365 covers general scenarios and provides configuration steps, your issue sounds to be more localized and specific.
While it does sound like an easy matter to resolve, an engineer will have to take a look at your configuration and provide guidance. To this end, please use the Open a Case button to reach our Support department and be assisted with your issue.


Razvan Popa
Technical Support Engineer
Okta Global Customer Care
Mike BurgessMike Burgess
Hi Razvan,

One of the support guys helped me with this today. It turned out that the password complexity settings were enabled in Office 365 which the password Okta was trying to sync didn’t meet. Either increasing the complexity in AD or turning off the requirement in Office 365 meant the sync occurred as it should.