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Goldy AroraGoldy Arora 

Usage Report to optimize licensing?

I want to generate a report which shows me all the apps where given users have not logged in from last X days.

My objective is to use this report to optimize our licenses (check and deactivate the licenses of those who aren't using the application much).

How do i do that?

thank you
Jim KnutsonJim Knutson (Okta, Inc.)
Hello Goldy,
 You can run a custom report from the reports tab in the admin console to show users that have logged in in the last x days. To do this search for: eventType eq "user.session.start" and outcome.result eq "SUCCESS"

- Yiou will want to make sure the correct date range is selected I would give it 30 days. Then use the "Download CSV"  option.

To make this more useful, run the Password health report, this will show you all Okta user accounts. You can then see the active users and compair this report and will give you the Delta of users that have not logged in in X days and the user status as well. 
Hope that Helps! 
Valeriu HudeaValeriu Hudea (Okta, Inc.)
You can also view Application usage reports for a more detailed overview from Admin Dashboard -> Reports , you can see excatly for each app in the desired timeframe which users have the most logins , last login and from unused app assignments you view directly the user who haven't used the app.

Best Regards