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Greg Karp-NeufeldGreg Karp-Neufeld 

Question about service accounts in Okta

Hello all,

I am trying to figure out how many Okta users I truly need as I am coming up against a renewal and I want to make sure I am not wasting users unnecessarily. 

Currently, I have Office365 Federated with Okta and my question is in regards to IMAP access of mailboxes in Office365. 

Scenario: I have a ticketing system with two different boards. For the sake of this example, NOC and Service Desk. If somebody were to email, our ticketing system maintains an IMAP connection to that mailbox and then when a new message comes into that mailbox, our ticketing system takes the message from the mailbox and creates a ticket. Same for if somebody emails 

My question is, do I need an Okta account for these service accounts to have IMAP access to Office365 Mailboxes or not? Would the sceneario change if I enabled modern authentication? Could I have these service accounts bypass Okta if I had their usernames be the non-federated domain

Any help would be appreciated!! Thank you!
David HoosDavid Hoos (Okta, Inc.)
We don`t control IMAP, we only take care of the authentication, so you can bypass it with adding the onmicrosoft part.
And have the mailboxed managed in Office.
If you encounter any issues, feel free to open a case and someone will assist you.