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Ryan RigbyRyan Rigby 

Push user attributes to none-provisioning app

Is it possible to push user attributes to an application that does not natively (preconfigured app in Okta) support provisioning?
We have a SAML app (Fresh service) that does not have provisioning features, however it does provision users. When they click the app, an account is created for them with very basic information, their username and email address are populated in fresh service. Is there a way for us to take more attributes over? Just basic things like first name, last name, phone number etc.

Theo ChimbgaTheo Chimbga
Hi Ryan,

A good place to start is to click the Directory > Profile Editor menu option then select the Mappings button of the app in question. If you then click the “Okta to <AppName>” part at the top, it will show you what is possible in terms of mappings. There are variations depending on the capabilities of the different apps. For example Office 365 has a Provisioning tab that allows you to do much more than most apps.

Ryan RigbyRyan Rigby

Thanks for the response Theo.

The only attribute available in there is the username. Is there any other way?