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Sudhakar PolamreddySudhakar Polamreddy 

Java Web Application integration with OKTA

Hi, I am trying integrate my existing application with OKTA what are the different approaches availble? I started with Spring security as one of the option, stuck with the implementation as there is no clear documentation on how to integrate with the existing application. I have also heard about Apache Shino or using Rest API calls. Please provide any documentation or link using the REST API calls. Appreciate any help !! Thank you!!
Andrei AldeaAndrei Aldea (Okta, Inc.)
Hi Sudhakar,

The Okta API mainly users REST endpoints, so any one of the documents pertaining to the Okta API on may be of use in your implementation.

To list a couple of examples you may find useful:

You can find more documentation available at

If you are still having issues with the implementation, then I recommend opening a Developer Support case with us, by emailing

Andrei Aldea
Technical Support Engineer
Okta Global Customer Care
Sudhakar PolamreddySudhakar Polamreddy
Thank you Andrel for your quick response.

The regference links provided are useful and have much information about API calls.

However, we have an existing Dynamic Web Project (Servlets/JSP and a third party product), I would like to use Spring Security to intgrate with OKTA Open Id connect. Can you please provide any documentation for this approach.

Thank you!!