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Kaloyan GanchevKaloyan Ganchev 

google saml IDP


We started evaluating Okta to centralize our application management. Now we use Google Gsuite as source of truth for our user. What is the advisable way to import Okta users from Google and use their Google credentials to loging to Okta. Our main goal is to use existing user credentials but not force user to change their workflow while we are still evaluating Okta. So during evaluation we want users to still be able to login in their google accounts without Okta , but use their google credential to work with Okta. Is it a good practise to use Google as SAML IDP for Okta and may be preprovison user by adding Gsuite app but not enbling sign on ? And if so , is there a guide somewhere ?
Alexandru PredaAlexandru Preda (Okta, Inc.)
Hi Kaloyan,

We do have some fairly detailed instructions on how to set up G Suite as an IdP in Okta available here: There is also  reference that is off of our main IdP page, for using APIs, which is available here:

Both of these resources should contain everything you need to help get G Suite set up as an IdP for Okta.

Thank you,

Alexandru Preda
Okta Technical Support Engineer