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Kareem StrakerKareem Straker 

Okta Mobile on Samsung Secure Folder error "Device Provisioning is not enabled"

Hi, I'm trying to get Okta Mobile to work on my Samsung Galaxy S6.
latest Android 7.0
latest Samsung Secure Folder (Was Previously My Knox)
latest Okta Mobile
latest Okta Verify
All updates installed.

Whenever I try to run the "Secure Device" action, I get a message when I select "ACCEPT":
"Device Provisioning is not enablked. Stopping."

then I get a loading screen, with a message "Verifying enrollment process..."

Nothing happens after this, it just waits with a spinning icon...

Please help.
Stef ColtescuStef Coltescu (Okta, Inc.)
Provisioning not enabled means that the okta application needs to create a file with the device owner's information in order to start provisioning but the file is not being created due to the fact that Samsung Secure Folder might not allow this to happen. Okta mobile writes the device owner information on phonestorage/system. 
As a solution, uninstall secure folder. Enroll again. You can install secure folder afterwards.
If you require a different solution then more information needs to be exchanged in order to troubleshoot this issue, please open a case with Okta support.
Kareem StrakerKareem Straker
I'm sorry, but removing Secure Folder is not a satisfactory solution in my environment.

I need to get Okta Mobile working within Secure Folder, so uninstalling Secure Folder is the opposite of the desired outcome.

Can you elaborate on what file needs to be written or what permission would need to be set, and I can investigate futher?
Gary MorrisGary Morris
Is there any update on this? Using secure folder would make a BYOD mobile device policy very easy to manage as secure folder could be wiped without losing the personal profile.