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Ather RizviAther Rizvi 

X-Author for Excel and SSO with Salesforce not working

We are implementing X-Author for Excel, which is an Excel based desktop App that pulls data in and out of Salesforce. To login, the User is required to enter their Salesfoce credentials. We have SSO/OKTA verification implemented in our Salesforce instance as part of the login from the App. 
When logging in using the custom domain for the SSO verification, the login is successful but it opens up Salesforce directly in a browser and does not take you back into the Excel App. Is there something different we need to do to take user back to the App once SSO/OKTA has been successfully performed? 
Apologies in advance, I am not a network or Security Admin so not very tech savvy. 

Thanks in Advance,
Ather Rizvi
Josh SkeenJosh Skeen (Okta)
Hi Ather,

It sounds to me like the thick client for the X-Author software is dropping the relay state that would be used in order to bring you back to Excel.

Most thick clients will recognize when they are in an SSO flow, and will persist the login attempt and will then return to the initial login point. If an app is not coded to do that, however, then you may see results like you are seeing now.

My recommendation would be to speak with the X-Author developers to find out if this flow is supported. If it is, then I would recommend opening a full Support Case on Okta's end to investigate what is causing the failure.

Thank you,

Josh Skeen
Okta Global Customer Support