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Dan BruzzoneDan Bruzzone 

Office365 - Enabling Modern Authentication

I was wondering if any changes are required with our Okta configuration for Office 365 if we enable Modern Authentication for Exchange Online?  I can't seem to find an answer to that specific question online.

Thank you.
James FloresJames Flores (Okta, Inc.)
When you setup federtion in O365 for Okta two endpoints were entered into O365, an active and passive endpoint (all scripted). These two endpoints are used to direct modern auth and non modern auth traffic. When you enable moderen auth in the O365 tenant it will start directing traffic to the modern auth (passive) end point, for modern auth supported clients (Office 2016 etc).  So in short no config is needed in Okta since the endpoints already exisit, granted you automatically setup WSFED from Okta.  Note that if you are using client access policies I'd recommend you test them before you use them in a live enviroment, the assumption is that you are not using them yet since modern auth is not enabled. 
Dan BruzzoneDan Bruzzone
Thank you for the swift response.  I believe we configured O365 in Okta using whatever the best practice was in late 2015.  Is there a method for confirming both end points were configured in O365?  If there is a document or post you can point me to that would be awesome.

If not no worries, I am assuming I can disable Modern Authentication for Exchange Online if it fails.