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Karanjeet SinghKaranjeet Singh 

Okta Sign In Widget for SSO into our Application

I am reading details about okta sign in widget. Could anyone let me know if there is any difference between integrating sign in widget vs making site saml enabled.
We just want authentication (sso) in our application. Can we just use sign in widget and have SSO in our application.
Also with sign in widget can we have app icon on our okta dashboard.
Darron HellmannDarron Hellmann (Okta)
Hi Karan

I'm a bit unclear with your request and your reference to a site being SAML enabled. You can find our documentation on SCIM and the Okta Sign-In Widget from the links I've provided below.

Karanjeet SinghKaranjeet Singh
Ok reframing my question. If we want to achieve SSO in our application can we just use okta as identity provider as per example "Okta + ASP.NET Core MVC example"  at https://github.com/oktadeveloper/okta-aspnetcore-mvc-example.

Or use one of the sign on widget as you provided to make our application SSO.
The users of our application would be stored in active directory.

Also if I use one of the method above and make it SSO can we have an app icon on the home page where if the user clicks are then redirected to our application