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Karanjeet SinghKaranjeet Singh 

OIDC User Auth

I have used sample code at : https://developer.okta.com/blog/2017/06/29/oidc-user-auth-aspnet-core to setup a local project and it works fine.
I have a admin account at okta and I add myself as one of the user and when I click on login it asks for my credentials, where I enter my admin credentials.
Now how can I add more users here. Do they need to have an okta admin account or how does this work.
Also why do I need to login, this being SSO should not have asked for my password. How can I make this sso
Valeriu HudeaValeriu Hudea (Okta, Inc.)
You can add users from your Admin Dashboard -> Directory -> People
by choosing to +Add Person or from More Actions -> Import Users from CSV
(file). https://www.okta.com/resources/how-to-adding-users/   There is another method trough API calls (we use Postman: https://developer.okta.com/docs/api/getting_started/api_test_client.html?_ga=1.266784654.1660618437.1505996735  (https://developer.okta.com/docs/api/getting_started/api_test_client.html?_ga=1.266784654.1660618437.1505996735 ))
and you can assign the to the App: 

They don't have to have admin privileges to get access to the App User Home. The admin(you) can choose the user privleges or give admin rights.
This is a list of admin rights https://support.okta.com/help/Documentation/Knowledge_Article/Administrators-793645444

Single-sign-on is about logging on in one place and having that authenticate you at other locations automatically (Okta). OpenID is about delegating authentication to an OpenID provider so you can effectively log on to multiple sites with the one set of credentials.
You could use OpenID as your authentication scheme for SSO but that's incidental.
If you have cookies enabled in your browser, and you have "allowed" the OpenID provider to automatically authenticate you. Then it would appear that you would "automatically" be logged in ... because the cookie would be picked up by the provider and you'd be redirected back.

Best Regard
Karanjeet SinghKaranjeet Singh
If I add a person manually say abc@gmail.com and assign it to my app. When I run my application how does okta know that request is coming from abc@gmail.com. If I clear out cookies, I am prompted by okta user name and password field. What credentials does abc@gmail.com need to put in here?