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D Swinford-AdminD Swinford-Admin 

Verify multifactor setup?

Is there a report that will show the users that "do not" have multifactor setup?
Josh SkeenJosh Skeen (Okta)

We do not currently have a report that shows users who do not have MFA enrolled, but we do have a report that shows all users who ARE currently enrolled.

If you go to Okta Admin -> Reports -> Reports and then run the "MFA Usage" report under "Multifactor Authentication", then this will generate a detailed list of users who have registered for MFA in your Org.

I would recommend submitting a feature request for the creation of the other report. To submit this as a feature request, go to ( then log in and click on the "Ideas" button in the top-right hand corner of the page, and then select "Post Idea" on the next page. This will open a feature request for other members of the community, including our own Product Managers, to see and vote on.

Thank you,

Josh Skeen
Okta Global Customer Support