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Kranthi VallamreddyKranthi Vallamreddy 

Custom login page for oAuth2 authentication.


I am working on a POC to authenticate an Okta user through Alexa skill account linking process.
For this Alexa uses oauth2 and i was able to follow Okta documentation on oauth2 setup and am able to set it up. It works great.

Now my manager wants me to customize the login page. As of now Okta displays a login page that is defined for my organization,
I checked here to understand that :
In the section "Testing an OpenID Connect Flow"

"The resulting URL would look like this:{authorizationServerId}/v1/authorize?client_id=examplefa39J4jXdcCwWA&response_type=id_token&response_mode=fragment&scope=openid%20profile&

If you paste this into your browser you are redirected to the sign-in page for your Okta org, with a URL that looks like this:

Now i want this login page to be customized. Is that possible. Can i customize the login page for an Application? If so, please share the details.

Matt MaherMatt Maher (Okta, Inc.)
Hi Kranthia, currently we do not have a feature in the OIDC application to set a custom login page like we have for SAML apps. There has been a feature request submitted in the Okta community regarding this feature. If you have any further questions you may open a support ticket with us.
Feature Request link: