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Christina SchelinChristina Schelin 

Add/edit profile pics in Okta?

I see the default profile picture, but I don't see any way of changing it. Is changing it even possible?
Nate QuesadaNate Quesada (Okta, Inc.)
 Hi Christina, are you referring tot he Organization Logo? This is modified within Settings > Appearance of your Okta Admin portal. If this is in fact what you're referring to, yes-you can change it but it's also a globally applied image for all Users, we do not have a granular icon/logo option as of now.
Grant DuvalGrant Duval
I think she is referring to the profile pics each user account has.  Is it possible to manage these pics and push them out to all apps?
Nate QuesadaNate Quesada (Okta, Inc.)
Hi Grant, are you referring to the Sign-in Account Picture? If that's the case-no that's just a security image for sign-in familiarity. Now we do have a feature request to add a profile picture which is popular and I would definitely up-vote it here:

Perhaps that's what you're looking for Christina/Grant?