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Prakash GairePrakash Gaire 

self service for mfa reset

If a user has set up Okta verify as one factor of MFA and none of other factors are set  up. Is there a way for the user to reset Okta verify on their own in case of lost phone?
Jim MolléJim Mollé (Okta, Inc.)
Hi Prakash... nothing comes to mind. The Okta Admin would have to reset the user's MFA since the user needs their "lost" device to authenticate into Okta to reset their MFA, which I would happen after the user has replaced the lost device with a new one. Another option would be for the user to authenticate into Okta from a location which does not require MFA, and then reset the MFA option manually from the Settings window.
Prakash GairePrakash Gaire
Thank you Jim, that helped. I am assigned a task to present all possible options to "Okta-Support- Enable self service Second Factor reset" for normal user and all sort of admins with all possible scenario. So I want to discuss all possible options. What can be the best option gather maximum information possible? Is opening case a good idea to discuss the issue?