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Kristyn GutierrezKristyn Gutierrez 

Facebook Business Manager Best Practices

Is there a best practice for securing Facebook Business manager? We'd like to leverage Okta but unsure how it will fit into the mix since users authenticate with their personal facebook - should Okta be used as second factor? Is there a way to omit the personal accounts altogther?
Andy GastonAndy Gaston (Okta, Inc.)
At current, it does not look like we have this App in the OIN, however it might be possible to add this to your Org using the Application Integration Wizard (Create New App -green button after selecting Add Application). 

If you are interested in Provisioning then the ISV (Facebook) needs to get involved and request the App to be added tothe OIN through the following Portal: https://oanmanager.okta.com/

We do not currently have any best practices for this Application.