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Jay FloreyJay Florey 

example web url accept OKTA

I'm new to both SAML and OKTA. I have developed an ASP .NET web application and the customer wants their users to be able to log in by clicking a chiclet in the customer's OKTA application. This will be a one way only implementation. The existing log-in page will go away. Can someone please point me to an example in ASP .NET of how to create a landing page that will respond correctly when a user clicks a chiclet?

Thank you.
Andrei HavaAndrei Hava (Okta, Inc.)
Hello Jay,

Please take a look at these articles regarding the Authentication flow with Okta:

Thank you,
Andrei Hava
Okta Global Customer Care
Jay FloreyJay Florey
Hi Andrei, Thank you for the links, I have been working through the examples you provided. I still have not seen anything that addresses my specific use case. The customer wants their users to log into their Okta portal and then click a chiclet that will take them to my application. I assume that I need to create either a web page or a REST endpoint for the customer to use when configuring the chiclet. I have not found the specification for what that web page or endpoint should look like. Thank you for your help. Regards, Jay