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Admin Fabian ZoonAdmin Fabian Zoon 

IBM Planning Analytics

Does anyone has connected "IBM Planning Analytics" to Okta?
We did contact IBM and they came with the information below (that also shows Okta in the drawing). But it is not showing up in the known Okta application list.

Are there any things to keep in mind?

The following documentation is available via IBM Partnerworld - IBM TM1 On-Premises to IBM Planning Analytics Transitioning Guide for IBM CUSTOMERS.pdf 

1.1        Security Authentication Options and Transitioning
1.1.1        IBM Planning Analytics Security Authentication Options

IBM Planning Analytics Security Authentication Options
As of IBM Planning Analytics, the default authentication Method is SAML via a custom Java Authentication Provider (CJAP) for Planning Analytics: 

User-added image

Jerrell GaryJerrell Gary (Okta, Inc.)
Hello Fabian, 

Okta has On Premises Provisioning agents for applications that are On Premises. 

I would need to understand your use case scenario more before I can give more guidance.

Okta does have IBM applications in the OAN.

To get an application published to the OAN. Here is a KB article to help guide you through the process.