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James GoodhouseJames Goodhouse 

How To Implement `rememberDevice` for MFA

I am currently building a small command-line app that logs in via the Okta API. Authentication is working, as well as the MFA verification. The problem I'm having is that the documentation states that so long as a Factor allows for remembering the device, all I need to do is set the url parameter or `rememberDevice=true`. However, this is not working, as my login request always results in needed to re-verify with MFA.

This ( is the link I'm following that discusses implementing the rememberDevice setting. It makes it seem as simple as just passing that parameter through, but my guess is that there is some sort of cookie or token that I need to make sure to save locally and use with each subsequent request.
Alexandru IonAlexandru Ion (Okta, Inc.)
Please file a support ticket with us so we can properly troubleshoot this issue.