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Michael SmithMichael Smith 

Find appid for App

I am using the Powershell Okta.Core.Automation module and need to assign an app to a user.

The command is:
Set-OktaAppUser -AppId <appId> -UserId <userId>

How can I identify the appId required?

Many thanks,
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Emilian AldeaEmilian Aldea (Okta, Inc.)
 Hey Michael,
 Emilian here with Customer Support, thanks for reaching out to us.
Finding the appID is a rather easy task - here's how you may do that:
- Either leveraging the Okta API to display a list of all available apps: {{OKTA-url}}/api/v1/apps
- Or by manually opening up the application in Okta, navigating to the URL and copying the ID from there (applies for both apps and users - for the user ID, you'll have to bring up the user's profile page)

Here's our Dev support article that contains more info on Okta API:

Hope this helps!
 Best Regards,