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Michael SmithMichael Smith 

Okta API Token Permission Check

How can I confirm what permissions my token gives me access to?

I want to confirm I still have access to what I will need todo later on before continuing.

1. Connect to Okta via token
2. Confirm I have the required permissions
3. Activate user
4. Assign application

I am currently using Powershell on Okta.Core.Automation.
Valentin IonValentin Ion (Okta, Inc.)
Hello Michael,

My name is Valentin from Okta support.
To clarify your question, the API tokens have the same permissions as the user who creates them, and if the user permissions change, the API token permissions will also change.
For more information please refer to the following link:

If additional support is required just call us at our 1-800 number, or Open up a case with our support team.
Michael SmithMichael Smith
Hi Valentin,

Thank you for your message.

I agree and understand what you have stated.

However I am after a way to programmatically check my permissions via API.

I want my script to check that it will be able todo certain operations later on in the script.

Is this possible?