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Michael SmithMichael Smith 

Okta API Authentication Best Practice


We are using a 3rd party tool to authenticate with Okta to:
 * Activate users
 * Assign an application to those users

What should the authentication for the service account used by the tool?  What are Okta's best practice around security and authentication?

Many thanks,
Mihai BurceaMihai Burcea (Okta, Inc.)
Hello Michael,

The best will be to check the admin roles and what each can perform in Okta, so you can choose the best option that will fit your needs.
For what you need you will either have to set it as Super Admin or a combination of Org admin and App admin. But the best will be to have the a look at the documentation provided above and chose the best option for you.
We do not have a recomended option, as it depends on your needs.

I hope the above answers your question. You can always open a case with us and we will be happy to assist you on any Okta issue/question you might have.

Have a good day!

Mihai Burcea.
Okta Support