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Ketan SolankiKetan Solanki 

Account mapping in Workday HR integration

We have Workday configured as Master Profile. At present, we use "Okta username matches Workday username" criteria but we instead want to use numeric Employee ID as matching criteria. 

Is it possible to use Employee Number in Okta as matching attribute against Workday's Employee ID field? 
Adrian MocanuAdrian Mocanu (Okta, Inc.)
Thank you for reaching out to Okta Support, my name is Adrian and I'll be handling your case.  
Unfortunately at this moment the matching of users can only be done by the following criterias :
  • Okta username format or Email
  • Name (First and Last)
  • Okta username format and Email
  • Okta username format or Name
  • Email and Name
  • Okta username format or Email, and Name
  • Okta username format, Email, and Name
If you would like to see such functionality in Okta the best route to pursue this is via a feature request.  The best way to file feature requests would be from the community site. I have outlined the steps below.

To Create a Feature Requests:

Go to
Click on "Community" in the center of the screen
Scroll down to the section titles "Make a Feature Request," click the "Go to Ideas" button.
Enter your tenant name and click "Go"
Sign in and submit the feature request.
Once feature requests are submitted they are visible to other Okta admins, who can vote on them to provide more visibility.  Using this method will allow you to maintain visibility on your feature requests throughout the process.