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Prakash GairePrakash Gaire 

Can user have 2 accounts, one for normal access and other for admin access?

I need a Segregated Accounts for normal users and admins. I need to integrate applications with Okta, and have one account for normal access and if the user have admin access, he should have another accont that allow him to login with admin access. Is this possible to configure in Okta?
Travis WilkinsonTravis Wilkinson
We have this setup for some of our employees.  We have some people setup with their standard accoutns as limited admins so they can unlock accounts or view reports or whatever and open support cases and then anyone who needs higher access has an admin account that provides greater access.  Adminsitratively we just treat them as separate accounts with their own appropriately-assigned access and the assigned employee logs in according to what they need to do.
Prakash GairePrakash Gaire
Do user having admin account also have separate account for normal access? 
Prakash GairePrakash Gaire
My concern here is if a user has two accounts in Okta as normal user and as an admin, how does it works for him? 
1. Does the user need to logout as one user to login as other user?
2. Or if he can use incognito for next account?
3. Or if this can be solved using 2 different kind of browser? 
Ketan SolankiKetan Solanki
We also have the same setup. Switching can be pain. I personally perfer to use different browser so that switching is easy. Incognito works too Or you can also setup Chrome profiles - one for regular and other for admin. 

The challenge with this kind of setup is to maintain the "link" between both accounts. For SOX perspective, if regular user account is deactivated, admin account must be deactivated asap. We have not figured out that yet.
Jeff WilliamsJeff Williams
We have the same setup here. I log in with my standard user account and when I want to use my admin account, I have a second URL in favourites bar to get around the SSO (https://yourdomain.okta-etc/login/default) and login with my admin account. When done, I just logout of Okta and SSO will auto logs me in with my standard account again.