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Kristof De SchrijverKristof De Schrijver 

SSO solution for Azure AD & Office365


We are searching for a way to grant external partners access to one of our O365 tennants.

The contacts will be created in our Azure AD, we're thinking of adding them as guest users.

There we can assign them with the proper roles & memberships to have access to O365.

Now we're looking for a way to directly connect them to O365 from our portal site.

Is this something you can assist with?


Stefan PescaruStefan Pescaru (Okta, Inc.)
Thanks for contacting Okta.

Now from what I understand, you would like for those "guest" users to be redirected to O365 once they log into Okta. As an automated process, not sure that is possible, yet, since they will only have the specific app to them, they will be one click away from Office, as they will only have to click the chiclet.

For further assistance, please do not hesitate to open a support ticket with us.

Stefan Pescaru
Technical Support Engineer
Okta Global Customer Care

Alan JohnstoneAlan Johnstone
I added a second domain for externals and federated that domain with okta.  Okta manages the externals using a profile sync config with provisioning using a second connector and our internals use licenses only/sso with ad connect using the original connector/original domain.  Push groups are used to create acl's for our external users.