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Jaskeerat SinghJaskeerat Singh 

Filter for OKTA group


I am using OKTA sdk API's to list the group based on some filter.
For example,
client.listGroups("GroupABC", null, null) -> This is listing the groups with name "GroupABC" and "GroupABC*" as well (*-> 1 or more than 1 character) .
If I particulary want one group with perfect name match, I guess I should use filter parameter here(not sure).
Can you please confirm If I can get only the matching group using filter? If yes ,please tell me what will be the filter(2nd parameter), i.e.
client.listGroups("null", "name eq \"GrpName"\", null)
Jerrell GaryJerrell Gary (Okta, Inc.)
Hello Jaskeerat,

Which SDK tool kit are you using for Okta?

Listed below is a URL of Okta SDKs:

We support the following SDKs Java, PHP, .NET, Python, etc...

Okta's APIs are different than Okta's SDKs.

The API is an interface that allows you to hook into the Okta's platform. 

The SDK is the means for implementing the API and generally makes the process much easier. 

That being said, you can use the API to query specific Groups by GroupIDs. 

Here is a URL for Okta's API for Groups:

If you need additional support please open a case with Okta's support team. 
Jaskeerat SinghJaskeerat Singh
Hi Jerrell,

I am using Java SDK.
Repeating the question. If I want to search a group through group name filter, what will be the filter expression..
client.listGroups("null", "<Expression>", null);
What will be the <Expression>(search filter for group through group name) here.