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Evans ChangEvans Chang 

LDAP import Schedule

Hello - When scheduling imports for a LDAP Directory Integration, the only option are every few hours or once a day.  When choosing once a day, when does the import run?  there doesn't seem to be any option to pick which time of day it runs.

Thank you.
Darron HellmannDarron Hellmann (Okta)
Hi Evans

The import runs within 24hrs from the previous import. Today, there's no option to configure a time of day to schedule imports. However, this is a great idea and an excellent opportunity to submit your idea to our community so that others may vote on it. It's excellent opportunities like these that we nurture to refine our product. With your assistance in posting an idea, we can begin to mount an arsenal to raise internal awareness here at Okta. I've provided you a link to our community "Post Idea" forum and look forward to hearing from you. Any subsequent updates to your idea will be sent to you via email. We appreciate your interest in this part of the product and look forward to working with you toward a solution.