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Karen - Local SorochinskiKaren - Local Sorochinski 

Okta Active Directory Agents

Can you have multiple Okta agents running on a AD Domain Controller? We have our Okta production instance and a sandbox instance and only production AD, can I install the agent for each instance on our AD controllers?
Cosmin OlteanuCosmin Olteanu (Okta, Inc.)
You can register multiple domains on a single Okta AD Agent but since you can only specify one type of Org and one subdomain during the installation (Production, Preview) you will not be able to combine Production and Preview on one Okta AD Agent to register multiple AD domains.

What you can do is install the Okta AD Agent on a new domain member server that has access to the AD domain controller, and this way this server will have the Okta Preview AD Agent connected to your production AD if that is what the objective is.

If you are encountering any issues please open a support ticket with us and we'll gladly help you move forward.

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