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Michael Tremblay - AdminMichael Tremblay - Admin 

Export List of users in an Okta group

I would like to export a list of users contained in one of our AD synced Okta group.
There are some missing members in the Okta group compared with our AD source group and I would like to compare to see which members are missing and figure out why.

Thank you for your help.
Jaypee ManansalaJaypee Manansala (Okta)
Hi Michael, 

Thanks for reaching out to Okta Support Community Portal.

You can setup and use Postman in Okta: https://developer.okta.com/docs/api/getting_started/api_test_client.html and perform the API call below:

GET {{url}}/api/v1/groups/{{groupId}}/users


JP Manansala
Pablo ValarezoPablo Valarezo
So, I've also had this need and found a workaround, it's a bit of a hack but it works. (no API needed)

- If you don't already have the 'App Access Audit' report available, call Okta and have it turned on for your Org. I'm not sure if it's EA or GA
- Create a new hidden SAML app via the wizard (use http://okta.com or something trivial for the 'Single Sign On URL') -make sure it's hidden!
- Go to the App -> Sign On -> Edit -> Username -> Change the username to 'email'
- Assign the app to the 'Everyone' group or to the group you want to download (I assign it to myself and double-check that it's hidden AND the email is the username) .. this may take a few minutes to complete assignment, so I'd give it 2-5mins before running next step
- Go to Reports -> Application Access Audit -> Current Assignments -> Find the app -> Run Report.
- Download CSV - The email shows up as 'Application Login'
All done, have a cookie