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Tom ShueeTom Shuee 

Add "On the fly" app

Has this feature been removed. I can't seem to add a website anymore for my personal site?
Andreea PomirleanuAndreea Pomirleanu (Okta, Inc.)
The feature is still enabled. Please follow this steps:

-Under your Okta Admin dashboard go to Settings -> Customization -> Browser Plugin and check that "IT manages Okta Plugin" is set to "No"
-The sites have not been blocked in the past; You can do this by resetting the browser plugin as per this KB Article and retry
-Update your Okta Browser Plugin to the latest available version from under Settings -> Downloads
Jim MolléJim Mollé (Okta, Inc.)
Hi Tom... to clarify, are you saying you no longer have the ability to add your own applications as an End User? In other words, do you no longer have the Add Apps button available from your Okta Application Dashboard (Home screen)?
Tom ShueeTom Shuee
    I do have the abilty to use the ADD APPS...  but I used to be able to go to a website e.g.  my personal bank site and then get asked if I wanted to add this to OKTA. which I no longer get that question.
    I really can't do what Andreea suggested because that would require updating our Citrix and VDI environment to the newest plugin, and I don't have a maintenance window available for that.
Andreea PomirleanuAndreea Pomirleanu (Okta, Inc.)
Hello Tom,

Do you still need assistance with this issue?
Tom ShueeTom Shuee
   No, thank you very much for you help. Sadley we have to have IT manage the OKTA plugin because we use Citrix and VDI and have run into problems with Java and the plugin version. so we run a stable\working version of each.
 Thanks again for your assistance.