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Okta AdminOkta Admin 

Exchange Hybrid deployment decom

Has anyone successfully migrated all mailboxes from exchange on-prem to exchange online, kept user objects AD mastered, and then sunset the hybrid environment?

If so, did encounter any provisioning issues with Okta?
Mihai NegoitaMihai Negoita (Okta, Inc.)

Hi Stephane,

We definitely want to assist you to be successful in your implementation. To that end we want to make sure you have the best resources at your disposal for the task. Our Professional Services team is expertly suited to assist customers with requests for new or custom implementations and deployment work.
We recommend reaching out to your Account Executive to help facilitate a meeting so that they can scope out the work.
Okta AdminOkta Admin
Thank you for the response.  They are already engaged and are also trying to answer this question.  I was hoping to find other customers and customer references that could help confirm / share their experience with us.