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Benny MacBenny Mac 

SAML in free preview account?

Hello! I signed up for a free account (on and am trying to follow the instructions for constructing a SAML based SSO application using these instructions:

I don't see the Admin button, but I navigated to Applications->Add Application. I don't see an option for a SAML application, just Native/SPA/Web/Service.  Is the documentation out of date, or is this not available in

Theo ChimbgaTheo Chimbga
Hi Benny,

The most likely reason you'd not see the Admin button is if the account you're using does not have the necessary permissions. By default when you sign up, the account you use is assigned Super Admin rights and should be able to make any configuration change.

If you're using the account that you specified during sign-up and it's not  working you probably have to open a support case.

Rocky ReyesRocky Reyes
Easy one! In the upper left hand corner of your preview environment, you will see < > Developer. Mouse click on this and select Classic UI. Then you will see the normal Okta home page.