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Av ShchAv Shch 

Zapier for workflows

Is Zapier supported by Okta for workflows?
Jerrell GaryJerrell Gary (Okta, Inc.)
Hello Al,

The Zapier application is in the OAN(Okta Application Network).

Okta offers SWA(Secure Web Authentication) Support for Zapier at this time.

Please review the screen shot posted in this community.

If you need any additional assistance please open an Okta Support case. 

User-added image
Av ShchAv Shch
Is it supported from user provisionig standpoint?
Nathan GuentherNathan Guenther
Yes please, would be cool to building out onboarding workflows, adding/removing from groups based on triggers, and notifications/alerts to slack/email upon different events. Lots of possibilities. 
Stephen WilliamsStephen Williams
I would suggest that you look at Workato instead. My company, Atlas Identity, has developed and released an Okta connector for Workato. Workato is a leader in the Integration Platform as a Service market and has a number of advantages over Zapier in our view. The Okta connector is freely available and was demo'd at Oktane 2017. If you would like any guidance or simply have a question, please do get in touch via our website: