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Yuvraj Kukar (Admin)Yuvraj Kukar (Admin) 

Adding ADFS instance as an IDP in OKTA

Need clarification on adding identity provider

I want to know if by adding ADFS instance (from partner ORG) as an identity provider in OKTA can users from our partner ORG could login to the okta configured applications with their own credentials? If yes, then what would be end-user (partner org users) experience when they will access any okta configured app. 
Cosmin OlteanuCosmin Olteanu (Okta, Inc.)

If I understand correctly from the described scenario, you are most certainly referring to the Inbound SAML configuration we have outlined in our documentation.

Please proceed with the guide in order to obtain the Inbound SAML scenario. If you have further questions please feel free to open a support case with us to further assist you.

Thank you for choosing Okta!

Yuvraj Kukar (Admin)Yuvraj Kukar (Admin)
With this solution, would it create accounts in Okta as well? Our partner ORG has ADFS and what I am looking for is to add partner ORG (ADFS) as an identity provider in Okta so when user login the application redirects to Okta for authentication, the default way is for Okta to use Home Realm Discovery to ask if the user wants to authenticate with Okta or ADFS.

Objective is to autheticate users in partner org in thier AD with ADFS and we dont have to create their accounts in Okta.