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Praseed ThapparambilPraseed Thapparambil 

forgot password


We have a sign-on widget , custom-built  where we can turn on MFA from Okta for our web customers.
How do we implement "Forgot password" in an elegant manner so that, it doesn't take the user to the Okta dashboard.
Can someone point us to an Okta API we could use to elegantly implement this?

Florin ManeaFlorin Manea (Okta, Inc.)
Hi Praseed,

Thank you for contacting Okta Support. Please see the following article consisting of multiple methods on how to implement a solution for the forgotten password function: . The article in question contains multiple methods on implementing the forgotten password(i.e. SMS, Email, Call factor, Public App as well as Trusted App). 

Thank you,

Florin Manea
Technical Support Engineer
Okta Global Customer Care