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Rajashekhar MadivalRajashekhar Madival 

Okta reports customization

does okta supports customization of Userlifecycle Report to add Region column so that we can see the userlifecycle activity based on region
Adrian HaisanAdrian Haisan (Okta, Inc.)

I believe using the system log query: eventType sw "user.lifecycle" and downloading the CSV we would be able to find the "client.geographical_context.country" collum which should show the location of the user.
That would the way to identify the Region of the administrator who did the change. Unfortunately for the users we do not have anything. 
You can suggest this on the Okta Community by using the 'Suggest a feature' option at the bottom-right of the Okta admin console. 
Features suggested in our community are reviewed and can be voted and commented on by other members of the community, therefore making it much easier for the engineering team to understand the priorities that you have for feature requests. 

Thank you,
Adrian Haisan
Dylann FezeuDylann Fezeu (Customer First Programs)



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