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Alexandr KurilinAlexandr Kurilin 

Changing G Suite primary domain?

Has anybody here had experience with having their G Suite change its primary domain for all users? I'm not totally clear how to handle this correctly on the Okta side of things, where Okta is acting as IDP and provisioner for G Suite.

I could create a second G Suite instance, but I don't want to accidentally delete the existing user accounts in G Suite if I delete the first instance.

Please advice.
Nate QuesadaNate Quesada (Okta, Inc.)
Hello Alexandr,

Changing a domain is a fairly straight forward process, assuming you're leveraging SAML as your SSO method.

You'd essentially just change the configuration details to reflect the NEW domain and go through the assignments to validate they're correct and properly named and SSO/SAML configuration instructions from A-Z again as well. 

Of course to minimize impact on your Users, you'll probably want to execute this off hours.

We have our complete and updated Google Apps Deployment Guide here (

Please let me know if you have any other questions or feedback, glad to help.

Alexandr KurilinAlexandr Kurilin
Hey Nate,

Thanks for clarifying that. I'm still a little confused about the steps here. I tried to edit the domain of our current G Suite application and it doesn't look like that's an option at all, it's locked in the moment you create the app.

Do your recommendations above imply that I should make a second G Suite application with the new domain name?