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Anand MogheAnand Moghe 

How to initiate a openid with code workflow when user click on tenant app

I have implemented a custom authentication and authorization page on my application which uses Okta Sign-In widget in Javascript. On the login page I implemented 'code' workflow and I am also using 'openid', 'email', 'profile', 'offline_access' scopes.

When user send login request if the data I set on the Sign-In Widget is OK, the post is successful and I get the 'code' in the back channel. Then I do my validation of the data send to me for code respose and if it is OK  then I do ID token request. Then another validation of ID token and then I manually logs the user by manually starting the session at the backend.

So now if a user goes to the Tenant App on Okta, he is still prompted to login as this does not start a 'code' workflow. The click on Tenant App configured in OKTA does not start the Code workflow even if the user is already logged in to the OKTA.  And this is the problem I am trying to resolve.

So my question is when user click on the Tenant Application in OKTA, how do I start a code workflow which mimik the the Code workflow I have implemented in the custom login page of my app using Sign-In widget?

Is there a way to create a configuration or setup Okta Tenant App in such a way that it start a Code workflow by default when user click on tenant app in Okta dashboard after logging in to OKTA?

Mihai NegoitaMihai Negoita (Okta, Inc.)
Hi Anand,

 Thank you for reaching out to the Okta Community.  
 You might be able to use a bookmark app to achieve the desired effect.  
 Here is some documentation to help you get started:

If you'd like to discuss this further and explore other, more elaborate options, please open a support ticket.  

Mihai Negoita
Okta Customer Support.
Dylann FezeuDylann Fezeu (Customer First Programs)

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Thank you,

​Dylann Fezeu
OHC Team