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Scott BakerScott Baker 

Convert group assignments to individual

We have several O365 apps under our account, one for each domain that we have users under.  We are going to switch to creating users in our old domain (let's call it and start creating them under another one (let's call it  Currently we have the O365 app assigned to the Everyone group.  I'm not sure why that is the case, but I'm wondering how I can convert all of the group assignments for that app to individual assignments and remove the app assignment from the Everyone group.  I want our admins to be able to assign either the app or the app as needed rather than having one set as default.  I know that if I jsut remove the app from the group, it will deprovision for anyone who has it assigned as a group assignment, so I'm looking for a way to convert all the group assignments to inidividual assignments.

Any thoughts on this aside from doing it manually for 400 users?
Valeriu HudeaValeriu Hudea (Okta, Inc.)
Hi , 

As far as reverting the assignment from Group to individual , that is not a current option from the convert asssignmets option to do it bulk , you would have to take another aproach to achieve this task , you would have to select the group assignment for each user and from the Assignment master you can choose Adinistrator (overrides group) and that will make the change to for the user to an individual assignment , you would have to override the assigment master with admin for all user to ensure they are individually assigned then you can proceed with the Everyone group removal from the O365 instance and ensure no deprosivioning tasks will occur , its a manual process , but it will ensure you achieve your task successfully .
Wish you a wonderful day.

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Dylann FezeuDylann Fezeu (Customer First Programs)

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Nicole DotyNicole Doty
I just posted this as a feature request/idea as I have the same need for approx 1,000 users.