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David WillsonDavid Willson 

What is your Domain or Directory Service recommendation?

We would like our users to be able to login to their workstations with their Okta username and password. Is that possible? If not, I suppose we'll need a domain. Would you recommend Azure AD, AD + Centrify, JumpCloud, or something else?

We have a few 10's of Linux servers and several 10's of Windows and macOS workstations. We have no LAN at all; everyone works from customer site or home. Most of our business runs on SaaS, neatly tied together with Okta.
Scott BakerScott Baker
Do you use Office 365?  If so, Azure AD might be your best bet since it's the directory that O365 lives on.  I don't have any experience with any other directories aside from our on-prem AD, but that's my $0.02
Dylann FezeuDylann Fezeu (Customer First Programs)

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David WillsonDavid Willson

I'm still hoping to get an answer from an expert that has used more than one domain product, and ideally, to support a heterogeneous group of workstations.

I'll assume that there's no way to use Okta to manage workstation users, since nobody has said it *is* possible.

James FloresJames Flores (Okta, Inc.)
Hi David, 

Based on your description it sounds like our new "Universal Directory - LDAP Authentication Interface" would fit your use case.  Here is a brief outline of the Beta:

"Okta's LDAP Interface allows applications and infrastructure to leverage LDAP Authentication (Bind requests) with MFA directly to Universal Directory with no on-premise infrastructure required. Combined with user and group search, this functionality can be utilized for authentication and authorization for applications and infrastructure. These capabilities may reduce or eliminate the need for on premise LDAP deployments."

Also, the feature is described in our "New Feature Release Video Series" found here,

Our current Active Beta's can be found here https://support.okta.com/help/OktaBetaProgramHome If you are interested in particicipating in the Beta keep an eye on this page, once it is listed here you're welcome to sign up. 
David WillsonDavid Willson
This sounds like exactly what I'm looking for! But, checking Beta Programs every week is tedious. Is there a way to sign up for to be notified when the feature goes into beta?
David WillsonDavid Willson
What is the status of "Universal Directory - LDAP Authentication Interface"? We would like our Windows, macOS, and Linux users to be able to login to their workstations with their Okta username and password.
James FloresJames Flores (Okta, Inc.)
Hi David, 

The LDAP interface is currently in EA, feel free to contact our support team to have it enabled. For more information on the LDAP interface please visit https://help.okta.com/en/prod/Content/Topics/Directory/LDAP_Using_the_LDAP_Interface.htm