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Nidhin C KNidhin C K 

Okta verify for Blaakberry phones

In our org, we have an app which uses Okta verify for MFA and some of the users are using Blackberry phones. and they cant find this app in blackberry store. Is there any way to install this application o blackberry phones? 
I tried this with a couple BB10 phones (Passport, Z-10) and wasn't able. The app isn't available in BlackBerry World, and attempting to manually side-load the Android .apk didn't work either (apk installed, but Okta Verify didn't work). I suspect this is because Okta Verify uses push notifications, and many Android apps that use push notifications require the Google services framework - which isn't part of BB10's Android Runtime. Our BB10 users are stuck with SMS or voice calling for MFA. BlackBerry has effectively abandoned BB10 in favor of Android so the problem is going to work itself out over time as BB10 devices die and fall out of support.