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Jason FerranteJason Ferrante 

Setting up Okta verify with new phone and computer

I recently got a new phone and am trying to setup my Okta Verify again on my phone.  I need to re-scan the barcode however I am not able to reset it from my desktop settings.  It won't allow me to Edit changes in my profile because is asking me to authentiate in with Okta Verify, which I can't set up.  Thanks for the help! 
Eric KarlinskyEric Karlinsky (Okta, Inc.)

Hey Jason -

You're stuck in a Catch-22! In this scenario, an admin is going to have to reset your MFA for you. Please reach out to your IT department.


Navin DondapatiNavin Dondapati

Okta verify Android.
When I first registered on okta I choose 
okta verify for virtual code,  I received QR code and it worked fine.
But when unfortunately deleted the app from Android it requested same QR code which I don't remember anymore.
Why can't we reset through okta web and send new QR CODE for registering?
Why okta admin team has to had reset my profile I need to redo everything, unnecessary support head ache.
Why such limitation? Why can't okta provide provision for reset?
Paul CartwrightPaul Cartwright
I am having exactly the same issue as we have just upgraded our corp phones, As an okta admin i cannot find the settings to reset my MFA either. As an end user this is a very poor experience.
Alexander TurovskyAlexander Turovsky

For obvious security reasons, only IT admins can connect a new employee's phone to his company OKTA user that is used to connect to sensitive corporate resources.

HOW TO (for OKTA Administrators)
Connect to your OKTA site ( > open ADMIN panel( > Find the username under PEOPLE > press More Actions > Reset Multifactor and then Clear User Sessions.
David MillerDavid Miller

The reason why the UX is terrible is because nothing about what we see tells us that IT admins need to reset 

I wasted an hour trying to work out how to resolve this. 

There should be a 'I have a new phone' link which tells us what to do, or add it to the existing help page.

Ivan LungIvan Lung

As an Okta admin, when I find myself under PEOPLE, there is no More Actions and Reset Multifactor option.

Final I found a way to Reset Multifactor by myself and no need to be done by other Okta Admin.
At the Dashboard page, there is a Reset Multifactor shortcut at the right hand side, , search myself and checked, then Reset Multifactor Authentication.