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Tim FordhamTim Fordham 

RSA IIS agent based MFA

We have quite a few applications where we are using RSA IIS agents to leverage MFA with RSA. Is there an option or supported solution that will allow us to leverage Okta MFA with these IIS apps?
Eric KarlinskyEric Karlinsky (Okta, Inc.)
Hey Tim - 

Unfortunately, we don't provide an IIS agent for Okta MFA or authentication. However, if those applications support SAML, you can integrate them with Okta and apply MFA. 

Tim FordhamTim Fordham
These apps do not support SAML or WS-Federation. I am looking at Microsoft's Windows Identity Founcation framework but in this approach each app would hve to be claims-ware. I would have to validate on a per app basis to see if they support this model.