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Joshua SagravesJoshua Sagraves 

Display name change in box.

I would like to change the name of a service account in Box. Will the Okta Integration rename the account to its default? 

The account's name in AD/Okta is **Boxadmin**. I would like to (inside Box only) to change it to **Company Box Administrator.** 

If I change that in Box will the sync between Okta and Box change the name in Box back to its name that is inOkta?
Bogdan AndrisanBogdan Andrisan (Okta, Inc.)
Hello Joshua,

The Account will be affected based on how the provisioning settings for the Box application are set.
If you go under the Provisioning tab for the Box application in Okta, at the bottom you will see the mappings. Under the Mappings view, you will see exactly what mapping takes place, what Okta sends to Box, and viceversa.
If the default settings are set, and the service account is synced with Okta, the name change will replicate to Okta.

Thank you.