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Dave PaulsonDave Paulson 

User forced to login to Okta after browser was closed and opened again

I am an Okta administrator for our organization.  We have a user who is always forced to log into Okta if her browser is closed and then she accesses Okta via the plugin again.  She is on Windows 10 and is using the latest version of Chrome (53.0.2785.116) and has the Okta Secure Web Authentication Plug-in version 5.6.3 installed.  Here are the steps she follows:
1.  Logs into our organizational Okta via the url using her login id and password.  Okta launches successfully and she is able to launch apps successfully.
2.  She closes the browser window.
3.  She opens the browser window again, her browser goes to her google home page.  She clicks on the Okta plugin (blue circle) and chooses the link at the top which says "Web Version".
4.  She is taken to the login page and has to enter her user name and password.  The same thing happens if she selects an app from the Okta Plugin rather than selecting the Web Version link.

When I run through the same steps myself on Windows 10 (same browser and Okta plugin versions), when I click on the plugin circle and choose web version Okta launches without me having to enter my user name and password.  Same for another employee of ours.

We tried clearing her cache and cookies to see if that would help but it did not.  We also tried adding our organizational Okta url as an allowable host the Chrome browser under Settings --> Privacy --> Content Settings --> Cookies --> Manage Acceptions and that did not help either.  Also under Settings --> Privacy --> Content Settings --> Cookies the "Allow local data to be set" option is enabled.

If anyone has any further suggestions of what to check or try I would appreciate it greatly.  Is it possible there might be a particular cookie that is used to retain the session, that might not be getting set?


John BrosiusJohn Brosius
Sounds like a cookie issue. How about the other browsers (IE & Firefox), are they producing the same results? Check for any ad-blockers extension or proxies. I would also try a new chrome profile. 
Jonathan WhitehouseJonathan Whitehouse
Hi. Did you ever resolve this challenge?
Dave PaulsonDave Paulson
No, we did not Jonathan.