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Joseph HillenburgJoseph Hillenburg 

Microsoft InTune (O365) with Okta

Is anyone using Microsoft InTune (via Office 365) with Okta? We have InTune licenses as part of our O365 licensing, and would like to determine how difficult of a task this will be.
Okta AdminOkta Admin
Well InTune would be your MDM.  Would you just want to use Okta for authentication?  If so i am sure if you configured your federation to MS through Okta it would work just fine for SAML auth and SSO. I do not use InTune but it is just another solution in their suite.  That would be a pretty simple task.  Is there anything else you are looking to do?
Guadalupe GomezGuadalupe Gomez
Article is old and havent found a definitive answer yet, will Okta work with O365 MAM (Intune MAM only)?