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Travis McGowanTravis McGowan 

Pasword Expiration Notice


I have done some research on this and cannot seem to find a way, but I a still hopeful that it is possible.

We are looking to implement some kind of notification, whether it is an email, text, alert, etc. doesn't matter, for password expirations. 

Mainly we would like these to best send at least once, about three days before the password expires, but ideally, they will be sent out once a day during the last week until the password is reset.

Is this possible?
Thank you.
Bogdan MusatBogdan Musat (Okta, Inc.)
 Hi Travis,
 This is Bogdan from Okta support.
 Okta currently has a Password Expiration notification only for Okta mastered users, we don't have an option that will allow us to Prompt AD mastered users for Password expration.
 This option can be found under Security>Authentication>Default Policy>Prompt user"X"days before password expires.
 Please revuew the following Kb ( for addtional details in regards to this feature.
Dylann FezeuDylann Fezeu (Customer First Programs)

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