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Andrew WoodAndrew Wood 

Rotate AWS API Integration Access Key

We have a requirement to rotate AWS IAM Keys on a regular basis.  Since the API Integration for the AWS Application requires an Access Key and Secret in order to query AWS  we are going to need to update this key on a regular basis.  I have looked through the mangement API for a way to set this key programmatically so we could include it in our devops key rotation process but I don't seem to be able to find how to set it.

Am I missing it or is this functionality just not available?
Andrei HavaAndrei Hava (Okta, Inc.)
Hello Andrew,

That is correct. Our current API infrastructure doesn't support changing the API integration credentials.

I strongly suggest posting this on our Ideas portal as I'm sure other administrators would like to see this feature integrated.

Thank you,
Andrei Hava
Andrew WoodAndrew Wood
I have logged this on Ideas.
Dylann FezeuDylann Fezeu (Customer First Programs)

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Thank you,

Dylann Fezeu
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