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Matt VelthoenMatt Velthoen 

Browser plugin not showing most current apps?

I just noticed an issue with a couple of users stating that they did not have an app that was recently assigned to all users via an AD group.  I verified the assignment in one user's profile, then walked to her desk.

I noticed she primarily uses the browser app (Chrome in this case).  When searching for the app, or scrolling the list, it did not show up.  I asked her to click 'Web Version' to load the dashboard and compare.  This showed the app as well as the alert that it had been added.  We immediately tried the plugin again and could see the app in the list.

My question is: how do we ensure that all of the browser plugins are getting the most recent list of apps assigned to a user?  It seems that a lot of our users just never go to the dashboard and only rely on the plugin.  Can we manually push a refresh, or do we need to do something like set their browser home page to Okta dashboard and let that take care of it?

Bogdan RaduBogdan Radu (Vendor Management)
Hello Matt,

A user not seeing a new assigned app is expected behaviour.To refresh the Apps list in the Okta browser plugin you need to log out and log back in as reading the Apps list is being done at Login.
And yes , a workaround would be to add Okta dashboard as a homepage and on new Tabs as well.
If these 2 options are insufficient , you can always open a ticket and our Support will help you further on this matter.

Bogdan Radu
Technical Support Engineer
Okta Global Customer Care