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Anooj WahabAnooj Wahab 

Password Manager + Okta

Looking at getting some input from the community/Okta on addressing a need to manage any shared application API keys/secrets. which are the password managers the community uses/recommends  which seamlessly integrate with Okta via saml. The idea is that the admin or another user shares the key with a user in the password manager and the login to the password manager should be via Okta. 
Tomas PopescuTomas Popescu (Vendor Management)

For the API if you are referring to the token, they should not be shared any in way with an user, only administrator should have access to them as this can be a security issue. For the applications that are using the SAML Authentication Method, there is no password as the authentication is done via the SAML Assertion. For SWA Applications the password can be stored in the Okta Plug-in. If you require further assistance please open a case wih the Customer Support Team.

Anooj WahabAnooj Wahab
Thanks Tomas for reverting, but this is more for any passowrds which cannot be managed/SSOd/SAMLd via okta.
So looking at a third password manager like the following which has SAML support and integrates seamlessly via Okta

For instance a script could be pushing some password to the the password manager to the user account and the user access this password manager via Okta ( assuming Okta is integrated with the password manager via saml )
Looking for suggestion on the password managers which can achieve this need. is there any opensource ones which fits the need rather than purchasing cyberarc/manageengine and its likes?